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5 Reasons to invest in inland Andalucia!

1. Security: political uncertainty more often than not leads to stock market instability but demand for real estate in Spain is strengthening especially inland – areas away from the overpriced costas and their history of boom and bust.
2. Rental yield: bank interest rates are at an all time low and some reports indicate they might even edge lower. Interest in the rental market however is surging ahead both for short-term tourism and long term rentals with yields of 10% or more easily achievable for a low entry level investment.
3. Tangible  asset: over and above the financial aspects of investing in Andalucian property let’s not forget the tangible benefit to investors of having a holiday home in one of the most beautiful areas of Europe with the most benign climate.
4. Capital growth: prices are only now beginning to recover from the 2008-9 economic turbulence and demand for the most attractive properties is beginning to outstrip supply with the obvious impact on prices.
5. Inheritance: protect your family wealth – Andalucia passed a new law earlier this year which drastically reduces and often completely eliminates inheritance tax. 

Zoë Males

Zoë's love affair with Spain started when she was an au-pair in her teens. After a challenging experience, and being rescued from the family by a old family friend she spent the next few years trying to get back to Spain. Which took a few more years then planned, in 2004 she drove her kids down in a VW camper van and her Spanish journey started again, moving to Olvera and helping set up Olvera Properties in 2004, she bought the business fully in 2009 and has been helping people buy Property in Southern Spain now for over 15 years. She now spends her time going between Olvera and Wales. ! After a few months searching (and making a few mistakes!) She discovered Olvera. After driving through sunflower fields to Olvera, and being dragged round by umpteen people and shown in the blistering sun 9 houses. Zoe couldn't remember what she had seen, but decided to go with the first house she saw (maybe the only one remembered?!) Since that first home in Olvera, Zoë and has bought and renovated houses in Olvera and Pruna and continue to love the area and the people here. Everybody is so friendly and welcoming! Zoë's love of old houses, architecture and photography are evident in how many photos she takes of each house...even if its a ruin. Her dedication to her clients, neighbours, family and friends is evident throughout the town she has made her second home, Olvera.

Zoë hopes to help you find your perfect home in Andalucia, and be with you all the way through to holding your keys to your new life in your hand, she's always on the end of her phone if you need anything 07969 450 206.

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