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Brigitta y John


Dear Zoe & Company,

2009 was certainly a banner year. Not just for you, judging by the positive notices in the Olive Press, but also for us. John and I realized a life long dream of buying a house in Spain and we found just the ticket with your help. We had been looking for about a year, but on the Costa de la Luz, and unfortunately found the places we liked just a tad out of our price range. Since we will be living on a fixed income when we move to Spain on a permanent basis we did not want to saddle ourselves with a mortgage and then worry about the vagaries of dollar vs. Euro exchange. And then, one lazy summer afternoon, John did a web search on properties in other parts of Andalucia and some of your properties cropped up, and, best of all, most of them within our price range. So we contacted you and made the supreme effort to come to Olvera for a look-see (Hey ! it’s hard work, but someone has to do it !) Make a long story short – we are now the proud owners of a lovely house(s) in Olvera (unless it has been washed away by the interminable flood), and as a bonus got to meet you and your family and Anne-Marie, who has been doing a splendid job of watching over the casita and putting things in order with the plumber, handyman, and several of the authorities dealing with gas, water, and electricity.

You certainly made finding our new home fun and exciting and also made the actual transaction straightforward and almost enjoyable. In all, we are truly glad that John found your company in his search
Thank you again for all your help. John and I are looking forward to our first tapas party and becoming full-time Olvereños in the not too distant future ! In doing so we will add yet one more Welshman to the contingent.

besos y abrazos

Chris Zuidyk


Following the death of my partner I decided to sell our flat in Zahara, a daunting task at the best of times. Without the help of Zoe and her team I would have been completely lost, not only did they bring the sale to a happy and rapid conclusion, but the legal team were on hand to ease tax and death duty problems. It is impossible for me to recommend them too highly, in these days of uncertainty, to find such a completely honest and trustworthy firm is rare indeed.

Daz and CB, 2009

Buyer & Seller

We dealt with Olvera Properties for both the buying and selling of our house in lovely Olvera and we can’t recommend them enough. They helped make the process simple and stress free, which as first time buyers in Spain we were not expecting! They were always on hand to help with queries and problems long after we had bought our house. Olvera was a great place to live and we left with fond memories of both Olvera and Olvera Properties.

Linda & Andy, Olvera and Lichfield

Buyer & Seller

We had been looking to buy a house in Spain for several years, our search had spread south from Sierra de Gredos, via Extremadura, Aracena and finally to Olvera. We first found Olvera Properties following a web search, the varied list of properties for sale, and the refreshing nature of the property descriptions with photos, convinced us that we should pay a visit. So in late 2008 our first visit (well not quite, I had passed through Olvera in 1992) and the general feel of the town, and the people, were positive. A brief short list of properties that we liked the look of resulted in arrangements being made for viewings. It took a few more visits and more lists of potential properties, Zoë’s patience was endless but it was all worthwhile.

We finally found something suitable the following Easter, and a couple of months later the purchase was complete. Throughout the transaction Zoë of Olvera Properties ensured that the process was as stress free as possible, and gave valuable assistance (and time) in sorting out our NIE formalities. Moving to a new property, many people like to tweak things a little, and Zoe had the contacts for various jobs that we wanted to have done on our casita de pueblo, all of which went very well.

Christmas 2009 we had our first family get together in our new home, which was very enjoyable, and we are now looking forward to spending more time there in the coming months to take advantage of the warm weather and the welcoming atmosphere, and of course those superb Olvera views from our new roof terrace..

Dr. Bruce Joffe & Russ Warren Wisconsin, USA

Buyer & Seller

It’s difficult to purchase property across the “pond” … especially when that body of water isn’t the English Channel but the Atlantic Ocean and the buyers are Americans rather than residents of the EU. For this reason and many others, we highly recommend Zoe Males and Andlaucia Olvera Properties. Zoe and Team Andalucia Olvera Properties helped us to buy the right place and at the right price. Her extensive network of contacts enabled us to get great “deals” on many of the appliances and furnishings we bought for our Casa Americana, while her experience working with local contractors ensured that our hired hands knew what they were doing and didn’t overcharge us when working with our walls, electricity, plumbing, etc. We love our little vacation bolt almost as much as Olvera. Why in the world would anyone thinking about buying property in Spain want a condo-in-a-box of 40m2 when, for the same price or less, they could enjoy the real people and pleasures of Spain? Thanks to Zoe, our dream became a reality … and one with a silver lining, too: Not only did Zoe help us to negotiate the purchase of our place, but she and her team have rented it out while we weren’t there. After our circumstances changed and we needed — with tremendous sadness — to sell our property following several years of ownership, we turned again to Team Andalucia Olvera Properties — Zoe and Anne Marie — to find us a buyer. Despite the difficult economy, Zoe and her helpers found us a wonderful buyer with whom we correspond often. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zoe and Andalucia Olvera Properties to anyone looking for customer service with a special smile!.