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Jim & Suzanne, Ireland 2014


Olvera Properties made our dream come true! When our search began all we knew was that we wanted a place in one of the white villages of Andalucía and like most people we stumbled across Olvera.  I could quickly cut to the end of this happy ending story but we would be leaving out the most critical factor which was Olvera Properties! Initially our knowledge of Spanish real estate was nonexistent except for the horror stories of people buying properties that they never fully owned etc., etc., etc. Our search very quickly brought us to the door (website) of Olvera Properties and an introduction to Zoe the owner.  From the first phone call the fears and anxiousness began to fade as we realised that the world of Spanish Real Estate is not a scary place if you have the right people working for you.  We very quickly arranged a scouting trip to Olvera where we were introduced to Anne-Marie…….. and the experience got even better!  If you are thinking of buying in Olvera, do not consider it without Anne-Marie by your side – trust me.  It was obvious from the outset that Olvera Properties and Anne-Marie were highly respected by the locals, builders, architects etc.  We eventually purchased our dream which was basically a ruin and in doing so realised that there was quite a project in front of us….. In stepped Anne-Marie and managed the whole project for us, firstly suggesting builders, architects and most importantly coordinated all the legalities of which there were a lot – permit after permit after permit, all of which Anne-Marie took control of and somehow made it an enjoyable experience.  She coordinated between ourselves and the builder for the duration of the build and sourced all the finishing’s for us along the way giving her opinion on tiles, paint, kitchens and any number of decisions as we were not there for any of this!!  After the initial signing we made one trip during the build just to check on progress.  Anne-Marie even made a trip to IKEA for us to place an order!!  We were handed the keys in July of 2013 and have absolutely no regrets, only memories of a great adventure.  All of this would have been impossible without Olvera Properties and most certainly would not have been possible without Ann-Marie.  A very happy ending!

Glyn and Nick


We highly reccomend Olvera properties.
We have purchased and sold 10 times in Spain since 2000 and have met many agents some good and some bad on our travels to find the perfect location. When buying or selling here it is wise to find a reliable honest agency.
We finally met Zoe at Olvera Properties in 2006, thank goodness! Zoe and her team are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, HONEST,reliable and take pride in their business and offer a great service to both buyer and seller. Their site is one of the best we have seen. Zoe’s photographic skills show the properties well and includes plenty of information.
Having searched for many years for a typical unspoilt Spanish town, we where so pleased to find Olvera a hidden jewel in Andalucia.
We loved Olvera from the first moment, a beautiful setting , with fantastic views over olive groves and mountains. The local Spanish are very friendly and warm always offering a smile and welcome to newcomers.
p.s they sold a property of ours within a week.

Gehan, 2016

We bought a lovely property in Algodanales in 2015 through Olvera properties. Zoe and Anne-Marie bring a significant amount of comfort to the daunting process of buying a property in a country where the buying process, the regulations and legal requirements are very different to the UK. They hand hold their clients through every step and give up a lot of their time to get all the personal paperwork sorted out. For me they are the only game in town if you want to buy or sell a property in the greater Olvera region. The fact that their clients end up being their friends is testimony to their professionalism and personalities.

Eugene and Sarah, June 2016


The whole process of purchasing a property in Olvera was unbelievably so painless due to the professional assistance of Zoe and Ann Marie
They both go the extra mile to helping you throughout the whole process. …..I know it’s a cliche but we definitely couldn’t have done it without you both.
We would have no reservations in recommending Olvera Properties to anyone……..keep doing what you are doing and being yourselves…..thank you so much.

Romana and Patrick, May 2016


We bought a wonderful house through Anne-Marie and Zoe of Olvera Properties. The property was inexpensive. Regardless, Zoe answered all questions patiently and promptly before we went to see the properties themselves. Anne-Marie showed us around with great enthusiasm, curtesy and patience. It took us 2 days to find our place, and, again helped by Anne-Marie make an offer which was accepted!
Anne-Marie  could not have been more helpful and professional in the run up to completion 1 month later and assisted us at every stage of the purchase. Including aspects which they really weren’t responsible for.
We are very grateful for everything they have done for us.

We cannot recommend them too highly.

Dr Romana Hope-Mason and Patrick Mearns

Dr. Bruce Joffe & Russ Warren Wisconsin, USA

Buyer & Seller

It’s difficult to purchase property across the “pond” … especially when that body of water isn’t the English Channel but the Atlantic Ocean and the buyers are Americans rather than residents of the EU. For this reason and many others, we highly recommend Zoe Males and Andlaucia Olvera Properties. Zoe and Team Andalucia Olvera Properties helped us to buy the right place and at the right price. Her extensive network of contacts enabled us to get great “deals” on many of the appliances and furnishings we bought for our Casa Americana, while her experience working with local contractors ensured that our hired hands knew what they were doing and didn’t overcharge us when working with our walls, electricity, plumbing, etc. We love our little vacation bolt almost as much as Olvera. Why in the world would anyone thinking about buying property in Spain want a condo-in-a-box of 40m2 when, for the same price or less, they could enjoy the real people and pleasures of Spain? Thanks to Zoe, our dream became a reality … and one with a silver lining, too: Not only did Zoe help us to negotiate the purchase of our place, but she and her team have rented it out while we weren’t there. After our circumstances changed and we needed — with tremendous sadness — to sell our property following several years of ownership, we turned again to Team Andalucia Olvera Properties — Zoe and Anne Marie — to find us a buyer. Despite the difficult economy, Zoe and her helpers found us a wonderful buyer with whom we correspond often. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zoe and Andalucia Olvera Properties to anyone looking for customer service with a special smile!.

Dot, 2020

So easy to buy from olvera properties they are a lovely team very helpful I bought within 48hrs after visiting olvera. I got back to England left zoe in charge and thought what have I done ha ha. The sale went thru with ease then I got the call. Congratulations you have your home in the sun wow I screamed OMG OMG can’t believe it but yes it was true hassel free smooth sale I love my house and olvera thank you zoe who looked after me and my sale and Anne-marie xx

Debbie and Brian, June 2012


The team at Olvera Properties (especially Anne Marie) really understood what we wanted, and helped us find it! They “held our hands” throughout the entire process, providing clarity and support and a listening ear! Buying our home in Spain was a dream for us – Olvera Properties made our dream reality. These are people you can trust.

Debbie, 2020

Looking to buy in Spain? You couldn’t do better than Andalucia, and the team at Olvera Properties are the genuinely the most professional and helpful estate agents I’ve known (and I should know – I work for an internally known estate agent firm myself!)

My husband and I started our Olvera experience almost 10 years ago, with Anne Marie showing us every house we thought we wanted, and then skilfully helping us see what we actually needed. We made an offer on a house we really loved, but sadly, the owners declined our offer, so we went back to the U.K., determined to continue our search. Imagine our delight when Anne Marie called us about two months later, saying the owners of our dream house were moving out of the country, and would be happy to sell for less than our original offer!  

Anne Marie then held our hand for the next couple of months, helping us sort NIEs, bank accounts, translating at the notary, organising cleaners, internet, utilities etc. The whole process was simple, thanks to having the right people that we could trust on the ground. 

Over the years, we loved visiting our house and sharing it with friends and family. But lives change, and we knew we had to sell our lovely Spanish home. And once again, Olvera Properties came up trumps. Unbelievably (I’m still stunned!), during a global pandemic, Zoe and Kevin found buyers for our house, and we closed on the sale in May 2020. Zoe kept in touch almost daily in the weeks immediately preceding the closing, helping us navigate solicitors and notaries whilst we were in U.K. under lockdown. Kevin (living in Olvera) acted on our behalf, and once again, the professionalism and support from the team at Olvera Properties was incredible. 

We highly recommend anyone considering purchasing in this beautiful area of Spain to work with Olvera Properties (they have properties listed throughout the area, not just Olvera). Zoe, Kevin and Anne Marie know the process inside out and made a potentially stressful and intimidating process into a joy. 

Daz and CB, 2009

Buyer & Seller

We dealt with Olvera Properties for both the buying and selling of our house in lovely Olvera and we can’t recommend them enough. They helped make the process simple and stress free, which as first time buyers in Spain we were not expecting! They were always on hand to help with queries and problems long after we had bought our house. Olvera was a great place to live and we left with fond memories of both Olvera and Olvera Properties.