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Ruthie and Ant 2023

We visited Olvera in Spring 2023 for just a day to view a small house we had viewed on line with…Olvera Properties.The house appealed immediately, we looked at no others.We met Zoe, Ann-Marie with vendors at the house…Done deal.. with Simon, Olvera Properties continued  flawlessly along with their concierge service to complete the sale.  We had more than welcoming and helpful vendors too, even celebrated with them later that evening.The house  is in the old town, very spanish, we know little spanish but try, we are always made welcome. The view from our terrace is beautiful, countryside, mountains and birds song.  Up behind us is the Jesus statue and higher up the beautiful Church, Castle there are wonderful walks and bicycle routes.We wander through the streets and find new pretty areas all the time.Hot in summer with a beautiful municipal pool, blue skies and crispy air at Christmas.We have visited each season including Christmas.We go again in April…Cant wait……💫 Ruthie & Ant

Amanda 2023

My experience with Zoe, Anne Marie and Simon of Olvera properties has been seamless and an absolute joy.
We have bought twice now through Olvera properties and each time has been so easy.
Every part of buying and selling is thorough and researched, from offering to legal signing and any other aspect needed.
They all are at hand any time if you have concerns and questions, and go that extra mile.
Even when we had moved in and we needed help with bits, the team were happy to answer and if needed sort out something that couldn’t be done remotely
Don’t hesitate if you are thinking of buying in this magical town.
It’s getting more popular day by day

Dot 2020

So easy to buy from olvera properties they are a lovely team very helpful I bought within 48hrs after visiting olvera. I got back to England left zoe in charge and thought what have I done ha ha. The sale went thru with ease then I got the call. Congratulations you have your home in the sun wow I screamed OMG OMG can’t believe it but yes it was true hassel free smooth sale I love my house and olvera thank you zoe who looked after me and my sale and Anne-marie xx

Eugene and Sarah, June 2016


The whole process of purchasing a property in Olvera was unbelievably so painless due to the professional assistance of Zoe and Ann Marie
They both go the extra mile to helping you throughout the whole process. …..I know it’s a cliche but we definitely couldn’t have done it without you both.
We would have no reservations in recommending Olvera Properties to anyone……..keep doing what you are doing and being yourselves…..thank you so much.

Nathalie & Johan, June 2016

We were looking for our place in Spain.
About 20 years I left Spain after having lived there for over 7 years.
Although there are lots of magical spots throughout the country, it’s thanks to Zoe and AnneMarie that we found our little paradise. Next to a river right into nature.
Thank you so much for guiding us through the whole procedure and helping us out with all the papers.
Kind regards, nathalie & johan.

Ray and Geraldine, June 2016

We recently sold our house through Olvera Properties. Anne-Marie made it a pleasurable experience. She was helpful and professional all the way through. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. Thank you once again Anne-Marie.

Romana and Patrick, May 2016


We bought a wonderful house through Anne-Marie and Zoe of Olvera Properties. The property was inexpensive. Regardless, Zoe answered all questions patiently and promptly before we went to see the properties themselves. Anne-Marie showed us around with great enthusiasm, curtesy and patience. It took us 2 days to find our place, and, again helped by Anne-Marie make an offer which was accepted!
Anne-Marie  could not have been more helpful and professional in the run up to completion 1 month later and assisted us at every stage of the purchase. Including aspects which they really weren’t responsible for.
We are very grateful for everything they have done for us.

We cannot recommend them too highly.

Dr Romana Hope-Mason and Patrick Mearns

Dawn and Tony, Derbyshire. January 2016


Tony and I would never have been able to realise our dream without Anne-Marie and Zoe from Olvera Properties. We met them at A Place in the Sun in September 2014 and we hadn’t considered Olvera or Cadiz before but they were so nice and gave such a good feeling to us that on our viewing trip to the Granada region in November 2014 we diverted for few days to look around Olvera. They found us some where ideal to rent and we spent two days viewing with Anne-Marie. As we walked around the town she seemed to know and be on good terms with everyone and she lives there, so our good feeling were reinforced as we knew she was going to be honest and reliable as it was her home too. We saw our house on the first day and then went back for a second viewing on day two fully supported all the time and with lots of patience as we must have seen about 15 houses.

Zoe was also excellent as we offered and counter offered in December and we were delighted with the final price and deal. We exchanged in February and all the things you think of and many we hadn’t were taken Care of as we were led by the hand right the way through. We still rely on Anne-Marie and Mark her partner hugely as they translate letters, and arrange builders and jobs etc providing excellent support all the way that we absolutely trust. I would fully recommend Olvera Properties to anyone considering buying in Spain, even if you haven’t thought of Olvera before, everyone involved has been absolutely first class on every interaction.

Jim & Suzanne, Ireland 2014


Olvera Properties made our dream come true! When our search began all we knew was that we wanted a place in one of the white villages of Andalucía and like most people we stumbled across Olvera.  I could quickly cut to the end of this happy ending story but we would be leaving out the most critical factor which was Olvera Properties! Initially our knowledge of Spanish real estate was nonexistent except for the horror stories of people buying properties that they never fully owned etc., etc., etc. Our search very quickly brought us to the door (website) of Olvera Properties and an introduction to Zoe the owner.  From the first phone call the fears and anxiousness began to fade as we realised that the world of Spanish Real Estate is not a scary place if you have the right people working for you.  We very quickly arranged a scouting trip to Olvera where we were introduced to Anne-Marie…….. and the experience got even better!  If you are thinking of buying in Olvera, do not consider it without Anne-Marie by your side – trust me.  It was obvious from the outset that Olvera Properties and Anne-Marie were highly respected by the locals, builders, architects etc.  We eventually purchased our dream which was basically a ruin and in doing so realised that there was quite a project in front of us….. In stepped Anne-Marie and managed the whole project for us, firstly suggesting builders, architects and most importantly coordinated all the legalities of which there were a lot – permit after permit after permit, all of which Anne-Marie took control of and somehow made it an enjoyable experience.  She coordinated between ourselves and the builder for the duration of the build and sourced all the finishing’s for us along the way giving her opinion on tiles, paint, kitchens and any number of decisions as we were not there for any of this!!  After the initial signing we made one trip during the build just to check on progress.  Anne-Marie even made a trip to IKEA for us to place an order!!  We were handed the keys in July of 2013 and have absolutely no regrets, only memories of a great adventure.  All of this would have been impossible without Olvera Properties and most certainly would not have been possible without Ann-Marie.  A very happy ending!

Zoë & Graham Munroe, March 2014


From the moment we met Anne-Marie we knew that we had found an agency we liked and trusted. The girls had put together an interesting range of properties that fitted our criteria and were well-within our budget (unlike many other agents we had viewed with, who concentrated on the maximum we could afford and had not listened to what we were actually looking for at all). Anne-Marie had all the answers to everything we asked her and nothing was too much trouble for her. Throughout the buying process she went out of her way to make things easy for us while we were back in the UK, and kept us well informed of progress all the way through. Zoë was also always on-hand to answer every little query that we had. Only one of us could return to Spain on the day of actual purchase, but Anne-Marie and Zoë had absolutely everything organised and guided me through the process. Having them by my side throughout was completely invaluable. They acted as translators, helped me with all the financial transactions, transferred the amenities over to our names, set up direct debits and recommended caretakers. They both went way beyond the call of duty, including me in their social lives for the duration of my stay and introducing me to several of their friends. They made me feel so welcome in Olvera that I felt completely at home after only a couple of days. The service Olvera Properties provide is second to none. We definitely could not have done it without you – Thank you!

Christine, October 2012


Zoe and Anne-marie were (and still are) pillars of support, advice and reassurance. Their unfailing knowledge, legal expertise, and experience plus fluent Spanish, make buying a house in Spain a reality rather than a dream. Would I have taken the plunge without them – I doubt it!

Mr and Mrs A, May 2013

Buyer & Seller

We bought and sold our house in Olvera through Olvera Properties.
Zoe had endless patience when we were looking to buy, making sure we found the property that was right for us.
After living in Olvera for 4 years we decided to sell and once again Olvera properties dealt with everything. Anne-Marie liaised with potential buyers and took responsibility for viewings ect. making it very easy.
On the day of the sale, Zoe and Anne-Marie made sure all paperwork was correct, taxes due were paid and utility companies informed of change of owner.
For buying and selling we would recommend Olvera Properties.
Olvera is a beautiful place to live and using Olvera Properties made it very easy to happen!

Glyn and Nick


We highly reccomend Olvera properties.
We have purchased and sold 10 times in Spain since 2000 and have met many agents some good and some bad on our travels to find the perfect location. When buying or selling here it is wise to find a reliable honest agency.
We finally met Zoe at Olvera Properties in 2006, thank goodness! Zoe and her team are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, HONEST,reliable and take pride in their business and offer a great service to both buyer and seller. Their site is one of the best we have seen. Zoe’s photographic skills show the properties well and includes plenty of information.
Having searched for many years for a typical unspoilt Spanish town, we where so pleased to find Olvera a hidden jewel in Andalucia.
We loved Olvera from the first moment, a beautiful setting , with fantastic views over olive groves and mountains. The local Spanish are very friendly and warm always offering a smile and welcome to newcomers.
p.s they sold a property of ours within a week.